Friday, June 15, 2007

4 and 4 meme

I got tagged by Jenny at wildflowersandmarbles - my charming sister who is far more hip to the world of blogging and tagging than I am. She may also be the only person on this planet that could "tag" me into a blog-chain and have me be delighted to respond. Now let me see... 4 things about myself and 4 new things done in the last 4 years.

4 things about myself:

* I have a pretty good memory for concepts and ideas, but I'm terrible with specifics. Who wrote it? Don't know... but I'd be happy to chat with you about what was written. When was it done? Not sure. Where was it? No clue. Typically I have to have a few embarrassing conversations where knowing specifics on something is necessary before my brain will actually decide they should be held on to long term. This is why people who walk around with their brains filled with random trivia completely astonish and awe me.

* My favorite colors are: blue, pink, and green. Not just any shade thereof though! Rich blues like the colors of the ocean or the sky (day or night). Fresh bold greens that remind you of new spring leaves. Pinks that are light but have a bit of spice to them - like corals.

* I enjoy restoring, cleaning, and organizing things. Nothing is more irresistible to me than an old worn down house that needs paint, a yard full of junk that needs to be cleaned out, a worthy cause that can't seem to get mobilized.

* I am ironically not very personally organized! My day job can be mentally intense, so by the time I get home I just want to sit and relax... okay fine - I'm just lazy. I'm working to get better at being organized using GTD though! Good stuff. When applied.

4 new things in the past 4 years:

* I graduated college after giving up on the 6+ different minors I was enamored with.

* I started working at miss emma

* Visited a couple big cities - Chicago and New York. So much fun!

* I discovered my love for restoring houses (at least I think that was within the four year mark, maybe not)

Ack! Now I'm supposed to tag people to do this too... hrm. The pressure of the moment has caused me to only think of people who don't have a public blog or who's site is currently down. I propose that I shall edit this entry eventually when I've compelled them all to make themselves available.

Saturday, June 02, 2007


I considered how I could do an entry about the nyc trip without it being a phenomenally boring play-by-play, and finally decided you just couldn't do it in written form. We saw too much. The idea of a blog entry littered with "and then"s and "next we went"s sucked the initiative right out of me. Pictures, I think, are the key thing here, so after digging around on the web for a few pics to augment my own stash, I've set up a slideshow and a yummy little google map so you can see where we were (no doubt I've forgotten a few places). Anyhoo... fun stuff.

(if you don't see the slideshow, you may need to go directly to my blog)

It doesn't get much more manly than this...

For all you guys out there seeking new toys and/or new ways to remain secure in your manhood even while handling kitchen utensils - this is for you: